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RKP's bring SZ right back to the roots.  Crafted for the soulful longboarder whose desire to surf the streets is unmatched.  These trucks are made for the secret spots, the slides and any other curve the asphalt can throw at you.


The original Surf-Rodz traditional king pin truck set up.  One of the first of it's kind, SZ holds the patent for the bushing support, the middle piece to the trifecta of our TKP's.  Overshadowed by the Grindsz for some time, the E-Skate community has resurrected the capability's of our hex design, so these OG's are here to stay.    


The second gen reverse king pin truck from Surf-Rodz.  Completely redesigned from our original RKP's to be lighter, faster and look a lot better on the street.  Get the same ability to carve and tackle all of the concrete waves, but on a totally new level.  


Surf-Rodz's most updated version of the traditional truck.  This is a three part truck system that gives you the ability to shred the gnar right out of the hanger!  Best part about it is all you have to do is replace the hanger and keep riding with the same bushing support and baseplate. 

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