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T K P  M Y S T E R Y  K I T


The TKP Mystery Kits come with everything our original TKP Kits do.  They will come fully assembled in our OG SZ boxes with stickers, ready to ride.  The mysterious part is what colors you might get and the hanger length you'll be riding.   So...basically the whole box is a rabbit out of a hat.  Hey, we'll even engrave whatever you want on them just like our other kits!


Time to get weird.


  • 2 TKP Hangers (mystery length & color) ( Out of Stock of 159 mm) 
  • 2 TKP Baseplates (myster color and might get lucky & get an adjustable!)
  • 2.5" King pins
  • Medium cone/barrel bushings
  • Allen keys
  • 10mm Kits will come with standard 50mm Axles

TKP Mystery Box



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