Surf-Rodz Truck Kits



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What Makes Us Different

The difference between our trucks and others is in the manufacturing. Surf-Rodz produces a quality product that performs at higher levels than the typical longboard or skateboard truck on the market. Our designs, some of which are patented, provide the rider with more options (adjustable widths, adjustable base angles, and more). It is within these options that a rider can create his or her own custom set-up that will allow the rider to engange in any type of skating desired. Our trucks are created for ALL types of skating, and no single truck model that we create is limited to one riding style PLEASE VIEW ALL of the links below as they will take you to each individual product page -- then you can make a choice based on your preferences... because again, to put it simply, every  truck that we make TRULY can do it all 

The unparalleled amount of lean and turn that the rider can achieve from using our trucks is an objective and measureable difference that our trucks provide to its riders:

1.The relationship between lean and turn is more direct.

2.There is no binding in deep turns.

To turn a skateboard, you lean the deck and the trucks turn. Normally there is a certain amount of play or slop in this relationship. Mostly we don't perceive it because it has always been there, but a "machined" truck reduces or eliminates it. What you feel is the back truck being much more engaged and active. The basic geometry and performance of our trucks remains consistent throughout the practical turning range due to the design. 



Traditional kingpin design, all billet construction, 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. Removable and replaceable hanger housings. Billet cut bushing seat and ball pivot. Heli-coil technology in the baseplate and hanger. No speed rings or nuts to lose. Built to withstand the demands of the modern cross discipline skater, while maintaining adjustability and superior strength. Full range of hanger housing widths from 127mm to 197mm and everything in between. With the available 60mm bolt extension kit, the rider can achieve hanger widths up to 217mm. An unconventional take on the conventional skateboard truck. Designed with simplicity, versatility and strength in mind. 

Available in 8mm (no adjustment) or 10mm (adjustable)

Grind TKP

Our Grind TKP (traditional kingpin design) kits are basic (and patented), and basically the perfect truck for any discipline of skating. The kit includes all of the parts found in our TKP Hex kits, but our Grind hangers are rounded, and not a hex shape which makes for easier grinding applications. 

While our Grind TKPs seem to fit the mold of a "skateboard only" truck, we believe (and we know) that they can be used for any sort of skateboarding application, including longboarding. We provide a range of hanger widths, all of which can allow you to engage in any type of skating that you'd like.



Surf-Rodz Trucks are smooth-turning, low, and extremely stable. The bolt axle system allows the rider to change wheels quickly and easily, as each axle may be removed and the wheel/bearings/spacers assembled on it. Each precision 10mm axle is grooved to accommodate included set screws, holding the axles firmly in place. With the available 60mm bolt extension kit, the rider can choose between 176mm, 186mm, and 196mm hanger widths. No other precision truck offers this much width adjustment. Surf-Rodz hangers feature built-in speed rings, 3mm caster, and identical top/bottom bushing seats so the hanger may be flipped to tune the turning characteristics. The trucks function exceptionally well in downhill, freeride, and carving applications. 

Available in 8mm (no adjustment) or 10mm (adjustable)

Reverse Kingpin Trucks (RKPs) are known to be more stable at speed  than a TKP style truck. Our SZ trucks are preferred by skaters for FAST freeride and downhill skateboarding. Offered in a variety of hanger lengths and baseplate angles, these trucks can be customized to suit even the pickiest of riders.

            ◦           Hanger Widths: 150mm, 176mm, and 200mm  x 10mm

            ◦           It is important to remember that RKPs offer a variety of baseplate angles allow you as a skater to dial in a more custom set up.

            ◦           Baseplate Angles: 35°, 45°, 50°

45° is our stock base for over all skating, 50° is a bit higher but will offer a bit more lean/turn for carving and cruising, while 35° is often used for downhill racing  and used more as a back truck base, strictly (with 45° or 50° in the front).


RKP Stealth Division

Surf-Rodz + WeFunk -- Collaboration Truck Project

The RKP Stealth Division truck provides a sculpted design that helps to reduce product weight but still maintain pure SZ strength. We added a water blasted high end finish and a protective anodized coating to maintain its beauty. With design and style tweaks and SZ manufacturing, our focus was to design around the high end quality of Wefunk’s skate deck product line. This truck comes with a 10mm axle system or with a 8mm conversion axle allowing for a wide range of adjustability and compatibility.